Our Legaci Press is accepting queries for our upcoming anthology, Mama Twins: Stories of the Black Multiple Birth Experience.

About: We're looking for personal essays about your experience as a Black mother of twins and larger sets of multiples. 

Word length: 3000-5000 words per story. 

Contributor payment: Contributors will receive a $150 payment and two author copies of the anthology upon publication. 


Submission Guidelines

To be considered as a contributor, email a short query letter with the following information to info@OurLegaciPress.com. 

1. Send one paragraph summarizing the true story that you would like to write based on your experience as a Black mother of multiples. 

2. Specify your cultural background. For example, state if you are: African American, Trinidadian, Nigerian, and etc.

3. Include a short bio of no more than 300 words. 

4. If applicable, list other publications that you have been published in. 

5. Deadline to submit query letter: *** Deadline extended to December 30, 2017.

If you are selected to be included as a contributor in this anthology, we will notify you within 30 days.
Our Legaci Press plans to publish Mama Twins: Stories of the Black Multiple Birth Experience in Spring 2018.


Topics that can be covered: 

Experiencing multiple births

Family relationships


Raising twins/multiples

Reproductive health

Pediatric health

Fertility/ fertility treatments

Separate identities 

Adopting twins

Putting twins up for adoption

Being a twin and having twins

What twins represent in your culture

Life with: 

Fraternal twins

Identical twins

Girl/Boy twins

Girl/Girl twins

Boy/Boy twins

Triplets or more.

+Any other themes that apply to multiple births.