Our Legaci Press Announces Forthcoming Publication of First
Children’s Book: Rise and Shine, Dear Heart

Rise and Shine 3D Mockup.png

Our Legaci Press announces the forthcoming publication of Rise and Shine, Dear Heart, written by poet and writer Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor. Rise and Shine, Dear Heart is a motivational poem in the form of a vibrant, colorful children's book.

The book provides encouragement to young girls, while showcasing diverse skin tones, shapes and sizes. Rise and Shine, Dear Heart highlights the need for self love, self care, education, happiness, and most of all fun! It is geared towards children between the ages of 1-7 years old.

Studies show that providing young girls with positive images of themselves along with positive reinforcement, builds a strong foundation of self esteem and self love. In order for our girls to thrive, we need to show them early, the love and encouragement they need. Rise and Shine, Dear Heart aims to provide parents, mentors, and other role models with a narrative that helps boost the self esteem of young girls in their care.

“It is extremely important for Black and Brown girls to grow up with a positive sense of identity, while also understanding how to love themselves. My hope is that this book will encourage young girls to embrace inner joy, freedom, and independence early on,” said author Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor.

Paperback and hardcover editions will be available for purchase in August 2018. Author readings of Rise and Shine, Dear Heart will be followed by self care workshops for young girls. Book event updates can be viewed at OurLegaciPress.com.


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