Our Mission

The mission of Our Legaci Press is to celebrate Black life and culture by elevating Black stories and storytellers. As people of African descent, so many of our stories have not been told. We strive to find, tell, and share as many of these narratives as possible. 

We are a Black-owned traditional independent publishing company with an in-house public relations firm.



Since 2009, the Our Legaci blog has celebrated Black life and culture through articles, videos and
commentary from writers around the world.  Founded by writer Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, Our Legaci has continuously utilized Black historical frameworks to educate and empower.

Our Legaci articles have been cited and featured on TVOne, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, the Black Commentator, MSNBC and across the web.

In 2013, OurLegaci.com reached 1.5 million readers and has now reached more than 2 million readers worldwide. Our readers have shown an increasing interest in emerging cultural dynamics among people of African descent. In response, we seek to provide content on a wider scale. Thus, in early 2017 we decided to make the move into independent publishing.